What is cool climate wine?

The term is still indefinite.
For the sake of CCWA competition we accept all the wines produced in EU climate zones A and B plus Switzerland, and will be happy to welcome wines from all other wine regions, subregions or districts that may prove to fulfill at least one of the following demands: 
- less than 2650 GDD in ⁰F units (15 April-15 October NH)

mapa europe.jpg

If you're there,

don't check your GDD


1. Germany 
2. Great Britain 
3. Baltic countries
4. Neatherlands
5. Belgium
6. Luxemburg
7. Czech Republic
8. Slovakia
9. Austria
10. Switzerland
11. Liechtenstein
12. France (only Loire, Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Savoie)
13. Hungary (Sopron, Eszak-dunantuli, Eger, Tokaj)
14. Romania (only Transylvania)
15. Slovenia (only Posavska, Podravska)
16. Croatia (only Uplands)

New World

15. Argentina (Rio Negro, Chubut)
16. Chile (only Lake District)
17. US (only Washington, Oregon)
18. Canada
19. Australia (only Tasmania)
20. New Zealand (only Marlborough, Central Otago)